Founded by local businessman Stephen Williams and his wife Chandra in 2015, Lllovely was born out of a desire to bring top quality, luxurious products from around the world, to the people of South Cheshire.

Steve & Chandra set up the small shop at No 11 Cheshire Street and within 12 months the business had expanded to the point where they were able to move into the adjoining unit and make the shop what it is today!

Early in 2016, Steve & Chandra handed the reign's over to their daughter Megan who continues to manage the store today with the help of her husband Adam.

The next step in the journey of LLLovely took a lot of planning and hurdle jumping, but finally we were able to say that from the 4th December 2017 LLLovely is not also home to the Local Audlem Post Office!

We hope to tempt more people in and keep building a positive reputation in the village for many years to come.... The next chapter of our story has just started!